Saturday, January 26, 2013

Self -Love

It seems simple enough hearing that word right? or maybe your saying what is it and how do I get it?
You are born a child of God amazing filled with Joy,  love, and no ego you just love, and you are love and than
something happens all your love for yourself becomes doing and being what is expected of you parents making you feel that love is earned by your actions expecting you to be what they want you to be, learning how it feels to have people treat you bad, and learning that instead of following your own love and acceptance of yourself that it somehow feels safer and easier just to allow others to guide you in the life they love for you, as you get hurt and life gets hard the more walls you build up and the more you forget the inner self love you had as a child...

what happens to the child like inner love you once had ? why have you put so many walls around yourself for protection? these are some of the questions you begin to ask yourself ...when one day you look in the mirror and realize everything you have done in your life has been for everyone else, and in the mean time you lost your joy your self love, and you became what everyone else wanted you to be and we wonder why we are overweight, and self sabotaging drowning are sorrows with prescription drugs, drugs, and alcohol just to make the pain of losing yourself go you go to the doctor and tell them you don't know whats wrong with you... Your sad lonely,  depressed , cant find Love, and feel the worst you ever have.  What does the doctor say "take this pill it will numb your feelings even more and than you can live a life with no LOVE No Emotions and No Pain" SAD that's why I'm writing about this..

You see I came from a very dysfunctional alcohol family 2 generations and I never had joy I became a codependent robot,low self esteem,  and never found true love inside myself or for others I had built up so many walls to protect myself ,and became a work alcoholic  with three jobs I ran from love or anything I could so I didn't have to take the risk of others disappointing me again...

this was my changing moment in time to break the generational curse for myself I went to a personal effectiveness training and let go of all the pain all the hurt and began self love again..Not saying it was easy its a daily thing that's when I started my journey of loving myself just as I was created and found people to compliment that love....If your will to do the work within yourself without any medication that's when you will begin to live a life you love and Love yourself First its worth it I promise so today I pray as you read this you felt it and you will begin your journey of self love and share it with other...Leran to listen to your inner voice that will guide you daily into self love and living with passion and purpose...
Love Ursula

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hello everyone,
I'm a firm believer in visualizing an image in your mind first in order to stay focused on your intentions whatever they may be this will work for all areas of your life..We all know that we must wake up focused and alert breathing in love and breathing out anger and so whats the next step you say? I believe its setting the tone for success right when you wake up with your first breath...Lay in bed before you rush up and stretch your arms behind your head, and your feet long think about your Focus for the day and than Visualize an Image in your mind of what you want most to create for the day..
My Images are always smiles, laughter, joy as I get my kids up and they get ready for school and than I see laughter and joy on there faces as I drive them to School than I see myself in workout clothes and Images in my mind of what I'm creating daily by doing workouts a clearer mind and healthier body... I see myself in great dresses, and being a great role model for my kids, I see a Happy Husband that cant keep his hands off me because of my daily choices, and I see LOVE...

So you see what you Focus on and Visualize before you even get out of bed is what you end up creating before you even put your feet on the ground..I use to think this kind of stuff was crazy until I did it, and now I will not ever live any other way, because it really works and my family life is so peaceful now.  I as a Wife and mom set the tone for how smooth my family life goes...You see its never about the other person its about you praying and visualizing the life you want and create it daily little baby steps in everything you do and say become Huge, and continue to grow into amazing great visual Images of a happy peaceful healthy life so today as your reading this, and maybe your wondering why someone else is always happy, and your always miserable take a look at you and fix what you need to fix inside yourself ...visualizing amazing Images of a happy peaceful life and you can even go as far as cutting pictures out of books and magazines and putting then on a mirror or any place that will keep you focused, and happy as you see them daily.. Always add as you get more inspired ..Maybe that bikini body that you thought you would never get back because you gained all the weight after kids and stress of life..I invite you to let go of stress and unforgiveness and say hello to Healthy happy visual Images that you have early in the morning... Raise the people up in your life higher in your mind and than plant the seeds daily...
Cheers to your New happy amazing life that you get to create daily
Love Ursula

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I decided to write today about Focus,
Focusing on whatever you say you want in life is huge, and how you apply your focus daily is how you become who you want to be the first step is to decide what it is you say you want in your life, is it to be healthy? happy?rich? married? successful in what area of your life? whats your passion? your dream for your life?
These are some questions you can ask yourself, and than its your job to write it down everyday I invite you to choose one thing as to not overwhelm yourself, and focus on the one thing all day... Google it learn everything you can about that one thing that's going to improve your life...than as you research it and Focus on it what action steps is it going to take to stay focused on that daily, and as you master each new thing your focused on, keep that daily in your life, and begin to add new great focuses that can better your life, and those around you, its like daily replacing one bad habit with one great focus, and the more you do this the more you will see that your focus is what you create in your life...
Focus is what keeps you excited and wanting more greatness in your life if we wake up with no focus we guess what do nothing and wonder why we keep failing on the things we say we want..Make your focus daily your survival tactic on creating and doing more of what you love and making what is important to you come have to look inside you to do this no one can ever do this for you its up to you..

For me my morning focus is Inspiration,I inspire because when I inspire others I'm always more focused and better productive, because I do, also I focus on making my kids smile while I drive them to school we tell jokes laugh and act silly and always say I love you kids as I drop them off..making my marriage stronger daily is also my focus..
I also stay focused on my me time early in the morning after taking my kids to school I go to my room and put on my cute workout clothes that I have collected in the last 2 years because of my first focus to join beachbody 2 years ago I'm still focused today, and I stay that way because of how I feel and how great it is for maintenance on my daily health...Than of course my focus after I sweat my fat away is my favorite steam shower or Hot Epsom salt bath for sore muscles...So that s an example of what you must do in your own life to create a life of health and well being and of course a job you love is a great focus as well...You , right where you are have the ability to set a great daily FOCUS for yourself and make it a habit that is good for you and before you know it your on your way to a successful life you will love, so my tip for today is stay focused daily and add more each day...share any comments or ideas that have been working for you thus far..
Love Ursula

Monday, January 7, 2013

The voice that wakes me up

WOW Its been a really long time since I have wrote in my blog do I even remember how? I am the type of person that awakes in my bed in the morning with flooding thoughts of everything I want to do for success in a day, I would explain it as a  to do list for my success in my head, and it wakes me up so this morning at 5:00 am my to do list in my head said to me" its time to write your blog again" and I said to my self does anybody even care what I have to say?  It  got louder in my head< and said "its part of your journey and healing", so here I am again taking you all on my journey of rediscovery... My life is my love, and I will nurture it just as I do every relationship I care about...

HERE GOES... I'm what you would call a fitness Freak now at 43 because its the only thing that keeps me feeling amazing and its something I can control even when everything around me becomes crazy its something  that keeps me fit healthy and alive I believe my fountain of youth secret,and keeps my spirit happy... You see you cant control anyone else all you can do is pray for them guide and lead by example , This has been my emotional missing link for years and just now realized it in my forty's....

For years because I never had any power all my power was taken away from me and I never knew who I was or even what I wanted to do I allowed others to stop me from being who I was created to be being and following someone else s life instead of finding your own passion and love for life will eventually destroy you, and your spirit and you will become the person with the mask that smiles on the outside, but feels dead on the inside..How do you reclaim you when you feel so bad about yourself and so dead? I had no Idea for me that it was going to be through a healthy lifestyle and becoming what some call me as obsessed gym freak...You see we all need to discover our own worth and destiny, and as long as your Alive you need to follow the voice inside your head that wants to guide you to your purpose and your passion we all are different and need different things to make us happy, and Mine wakes me up now with a huge smile on my face because you see my life is my love and when I'm following the path that was designed for me even though I feel in preparation for something Big in the future I'm learning to embrace this voice today that said get up and write your today I thank you all for taking the time to read this and there will be many more blogs to come follow your voice and live a life you love even if no one understands You, if it brings you a smile and peace in your heart go for it and never ever look back always keep your chin up and go for more day by day..
Ursula Sward

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Time

Happy Summer time I have not wrote a blog in a long time because Im finding that Im loving Making videos for you tube even more showing you my life and what Im doing to stay healthy, happy, fit and taking you on Ursula s World is a blast so if you have not already SUBSCRIBED do so now because I not only do beach body workouts I take you driving with me, and to my gym and Im getting ready to start Pool Workouts  for you in July and August so Im having a Blast at 43 getting back in shape and having a blast with my teenagers and there friends we only get this one life so stop wasting energy being mean and cranky and start using your energy for things that make you come Alive and Share your energy with great productive things you can do daily.

I have learned the tricks in my life to stay healthy and vital with so much energy that it still amazes me, so why would I not want to share it with the world?  If I can help myself daily and I have tips to assist people in getting back on track as well than thank you Jesus Its not as bad as you may think putting yourself out there for the world to see if you believe in the cause and I believe because of the teens and adult obesity crisis it Time Im only one person but as long as God gave me a voice and a strong body Im going to do my part and for me that's How Im being led daily ...I have this burning desire to do everything I can to make a difference in my life and others so my prayer is that you will SUBSCRIBE to my channel and make some great changes in your life as well for this Fit for life challenge that you can do daily as well .

Lets get together and learn together and make this world a happy healthier place shall we... I believe I do everything I can daily to make a difference and Im asking you to do the same stop being concerned about what people may say about you if you make a video, and be more concerned about being silent. I promise you Inspiring others will keep you inspired daily so lets go Summer time Activities for this fit healthy lifestyle in full affect remember Join me on my channel and My Inspiration will rub off on you, and before you know it you will be flying High to your Amazing healthy happy lifestyle as well...Take pictures....make videos and WORKOUT HARD and clean eating ideas are always needed... God bless this healthy beautiful productive life we so graceful get to live doing what we love and sharing it with the world thank God for YouTube Videos that have overtaken  the world..

Peace and Love always ,
Ursula s World 

Saturday, June 2, 2012


If I can share my wisdom of what Ive learned over the years of tough lessons, I will so today I was laying in my bed listening to the sound of the rain early in the morning that's always when I feel the most inspired with my thoughts so I have leaned not to hold back my thoughts, and feelings  I either write them down on this blog like I am now or make a video..

This I have to say has changed my life in a profound way, and is blessing so many people, and setting people free to fly into there great life as I was thinking about relationships all kinds friends, family, partners and just all kinds of relationships, and how they can either bless are life's or make are life's miserable..

I wanted to share with all of you what I  have learned over the years, and this is why I'm so happy and blessed daily...there are many relationships you will encounter in your life good and bad and sometime the ones that are closes to you like your family can be the most toxic like mine were alcoholic as you become healthy and work on your life, and You in order to complete the whole package deal of happiness there will be people that can no longer be apart of your life even if they are family members, because you see if you want to be set free and have the greatest healthiest life ever you must say goodbye to toxic relationships pray for them and set yourself free, since I have done this as hard as its been I'm now able to be my true authentic me without anyone holding me back...

I now know that I will only allow compatible people into my life , and I'm learning that age is not a factor its compatibility and loyalty and people that make you feel better after spending time with them than you did before ..Relationships do not have to be forced relationships they need to be natural and flow, and that's the kind of relationships to strive for in your marriage, dating and friends and family you have to set your boundaries, and no one can tear you down unless you allow them to... set your standards high and than when you find the connections in your life, even if you don't understand it... go with your heart and how you feel First...I believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is to Love ourselves First and than allow the people that are compatible in ...Trust me you will know when you have find loyal loving relationships that are not judgemental ones , ones that support and love you no matter what, and even if you don't talk to them for weeks, when you do your back to that loving space of ..Oh that's why I have you in my life..Friends First, communication strong, and in partner relationships one that you must have in your life forever when your heart and soul is connected stronger than you have ever felt and than you also have the Sexual chemistry that is TRUE MAGIC ...if you find that in Another and you both feel it hold on tight and never let that go, because that kind of chemistry is hard to find...Reach for Higher and More today in your relationships, and never ever be afraid to set bad relationships free for fear of being alone...Alone is BEST until you find the BEST in your life ...Know you know what you like and what you don't and never ever settle again find the BEST compatible Relationships for you<3
Peace and Love Always, Ursula 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Set yourself Free

Happy hot weather is finally here I'm so excited I have been working really hard on myself both inside, and out to keep transforming me it takes a lot of time and dedication if you want to keep making yourself better I believe now its the only way to live, and in the process your confidence goes through the Roof which was well needed in my case... shy boring housewife to ...WHO Let this girl out and who new she had a sexy side..hahaha

How many life's are waisted ?I believe by doing the normal boring things we do It can seem that way.Now  since I feel great I decided to spice things up a bit... Dancing again after all these years feels amazing I believe you must continue to follow your passion what ever that is, and make your life no matter what it is Alive and Fun again,  that's just what I'm doing I'm having a Blast making YouTube videos I'm allowing myself to be free and open without feeling bad or judged, and I'm a better person, because I now express myself more than I ever have before, and It feels great..

Freedom is when you let down your walls of pain, and allow your true authentic self shine through letting go of past hurts and pain and express yourself and change yourself daily through every experience is a lesson, and makes you who you are today..what if you could tap into the fun side of you, and just let your hair down and dance like nobody is watching how free, and alive do you think you would feel? just like the Saturday Night Live people do What a Blast....and who says moms cant be sexy again?

I'm free Alive and only getting better and as Long as I can workout, dance and share I will do my Best to set a lot of people free from sadness, depression, and make it my passion to make as many people smile as I can even if I get requests to dance in my kitchen hahaha
so today is  new day new changes for you are up to you... set yourself free love yourself and be the best that you can be daily and I promise the free er you will feel, and be because of it.So get up and get started Now
Peace and Love Always, Ursula